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How to take screenshot on computer

How to take screenshots in Computer -

Take screenshots in personal computer
Screenshots in Computer

Friends, you all want to take screenshots on your Computer or PC, But not many people know how to take screenshots. This happens because when you are new in the field of Computer. So there is nothing to worry about, today through this article I will tell you all how the screenshot has been taken. So let's get started.

Note - This article updated on 31Mar, 2020.

1. How to take screenshots in Windows 10 -

You will learn about three ways to take screenshots in Windows 10 operating system.

A. Through keyboard shortcuts:

How to screenshots on windows 10
Take screenshots on windows

In Windows 10 you have to use The Windows Logo button and The Print Screen button to take a screenshot through the keyboard. And to use it, you have to first press The Windows Logo button and then The Print Screen button simultaneously. After doing this, everything that is visible on your computer screen turns into a photo, meaning now you have taken a screenshot in your computer.

Like- Windows Logo + Print Screen

B. Through print screen and paint:

C. Through sniping tool:

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