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How to delete cookies

You can clear all tracking cookies from your browser by following some steps.

Delete all cookies in browser
Delete all cookies

What is cookies

Cookies are small files created by a web browsers that contain information about your interaction with a specific websites or blogs. This includes information like your Username, Login password and much more, that you used on the eCommerce and social websites. But it can affect your privacy when your system is Hacked and they take up some space on your system storage, so removing them is something that many people prefer on a regular basis or disable it for all time.

If you are worried about which websites or blogs are behind you on internet and how advertisers are accessing that data, here's hoe to remove cookies and disable cookies option in the browsers. Now let's start the step by step all process.

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How to clear cookies

Step 1st - 2nd

How to delete cookies in Google chrome
Clear browsing cookies

Step 3rd

How to clear browsing data in Google chrome
Delete chrome browsing cookies

Step 4th - 7th

How to remove cookies in Google chrome
Remove cookies in browser

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