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MS Word shortcut keys and description

Microsoft word shortcut keys - 

All shortcut keys of ms-word
MS-WORD shortcut key

Hi friends,
In this post you will find all the shortcut keys related to MS - WORD all versions. So We think share this shortcut keys of Microsoft word with you directly through this post. We hope this post is helpful and problem solving for you and your friends. Because you can work on your computer very quickly and easily through the shortcut keys. 

Very useful shortcut keys - 

Basic shortcut keys of MS Word
Standard Toolbar
S. No.DescriptionShortcut
1For create a new documentCtrl + N
2Open pre-made documentCtrl + O or Ctrl + F12
3Save active documentCtrl + S or Shift + F12
To change the ame and location of a document from someone to secure it
5Selecte all cotents of pageCtrl + A
6To print an active documentCtrl + P or Ctrl + Shift + F12
7For viewing page preview before printingCtrl + F2
8To perform a spelling check in an active documentF7
9Find, Replace and Go to window openCtrl + F
10To cut the chosen test and objectCtrl + X
To copy the Selected text and place it in the clipboard
Ctrl + C
To paste cut or copied content in the clipboard to a location in a page
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert
13To deselect previous ordersCtrl + Z
14To make the order deselected by undo effectiveCtrl + Y
15Move one word leftCtrl + Left arrow
16Move one word rightCtrl + Right arrow
17Insert current timeShift + Alt + T
18Insert current dateShift + Alt + D
19Increase font sizeCtrl + >
20Decrease font sizeCtrl + <
Formatting toolbar
S. No.DescriptionShortcut
1To change the style of a selected text or fontCtrl + Shift + S
2To change the font and size of the selected portionCtrl + Shift + F
3To change the font size of the selected portionCtrl + Shift + P
4To write the selected text or word in boldCtrl + B
5To write the chosen word or letter in italic styleCtrl + I
6To draw a line under a moving word or letterCtrl + U
7To bring the words to the left side of the lineCtrl + L
To bring paragraphs into the center of the page or to write words in middle
Ctrl + E
To align words or paragraphs to the right of the page
Ctrl + R
10To align paragraphs to the right and leftCtrl + J

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