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Chrome dark mode android smartphone

What is Dark Mode

Dark mode is also known as Dark theme. It's a type that makes the screen dark. To implement this, some settings have to be made in the browser so that it can work easily. Dark theme can be enable or disable whenever you want. 

Why use Dark Theme 

You know about the dark mode, but you thought why should you enable the dark theme. So let me tell you - 
  1. If you want to keep your Eyes healthy for a long time.
  2. When you are using your own smartphone in dark places.
  3. If you have had your Eyes treated recently.
  4. If you have watery Eyes while using a smartphone.
  5. If you have pain and tension in your Head while using a smartphone. 
  6. When you have to use the Internet for a long time.
  7. If you want to increase the performance of your smartphone. 
  8. If your smartphone is old enough. 
  9. If your smartphone battery drains quickly.
  10. If you want to save energy. 

Two different way, In this article we tell you for Google Chrome Android Browser. How to enable dark mode on chrome in android smartphone. 
If you are really want to enable night mode in google chrome browser on your android smartphone then you continue to read this article for android chrome UI dark theme. You can use this methods in any android smartphone. Now let's get start.

How to enable dark mode on google chrome by chrome flags
Chrome flags and Setting options

First of all we want to clear. If you have less than android version 5.0 smartphone then may be the following way not proper work in your smartphone browser. 
So you need to check first, which android version in your smartphone. 
And second need is you update newer version of browser. 

How to enable dark theme on chrome 

Finally we will come to discuss which types of two way or methods for enabling dark theme in android browsers.
  1. By browser setting
  2. By chrome flags

1. By Browser Setting

Step #01

Launch Google chrome in your device.

 Step #02

Click on Three Vertical Dots in top right side.

Step #03

Click Setting option.

Step #04

Scroll down and Click Theme option.

Step #05

Select Dark option.

Step #06

Back in browser home. 

Now finally you enable dark mode in google chrome browser. 

Benefits of dark mode in android smartphone

  1. Protect your eyes from strain. 
  2. Protect your eyes from harmful lights by smartphone display.
  3. Comfortable in night environment.
  4. Reduce display power consumption.
  5. Reduce battery drain.
  6. Better for battery life performance.
  7. More effective in OLED/AMOLES display smartphone.

NOTE: Second method we discuss in next update. Thank You.

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