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Cisco researchers, expose Samsung, Apple fingerprint sensors using a 3D printer technology

The Talos Cyber city unit of Cisco system Inc. revealed last day that they unlock devices from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Apple Inc. and other consumer hardware manufacturers. Made with 3D technology by a fake 3D fingerprint. 

3D printing 

3D printing technology made it possible for anyone to make take fingerprint. But not only that it also made it possible, with the proper resources, to be done at scale. Moreover, with the democratization of the usage of fingerprint authentication. The impact of Bio metric data copies is even bigger than within the past. Talos applied our threat models to mobile phones, laptops, and USB pen drives.

It's fact any fingerprint scanner is not safe
Fingerprint scanner security week

Talos rascagnes and Ventura detailed during a piece of writing, " This level of success rat mean's we've a very high probability of unlocking any of the tested devices." Results show that if they lose their phone, fingerprints are okay to guard the standard person's privacy. However, a privete who is perhaps getting to be targeted by a well-funded and motivated actor shouldn't use fingerprint authentication. For more information visit here - www.talosintelligence.com

Getting a picture of the fingerprint of the first victims to unlock a fingerprint sensor is one of the first must be done, which is much from trivial. The second hurdle is that the event of a working mold involves significant technical challenges. May include those engaged Talos month to urge obviate. 

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