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What is email

Introduction: In today's information age, the Internet has become a popular means of sending information at high speed. Through the Internet, you can collaborate with your friends, family, relatives and business partners. Collaboration is not possible without effective communication. Email is a most popular feature of the Internet. It is a fast, cheap easy and most effective way to communication with others around the World. Communication is the most prominent use of the Internet. He uses other information for general shopping through the Internet, sending emails and chatting.

Basic structure of email
What is email

What is email

Its full name is Electronic mail, through which a particular person or group of users can exchange massage with anyone around the World. An electronic mail message has two components. First is an Email address and second is a Message. 

Its can be created by the user by signing up on any email service provider's website such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo mail etc. Which is used to create, send, receive, store, print and delete email etc. Simple text, documents, pictures, audios and videos etc can also be sent using email. Email address is always in small English letters. In email address username and email service provider is joint by @.

Here is the some emails example with email service providers, structure of email such as - 
  1. yourname@gmail.com
  2. yourname@outlook.com
  3. yourname@outlook.in
  4. yourname@hotmail.com
  5. yourname@yahoomail.com

Basics of email

Through email, any user can send and receive message, data, videos and graphics etc. In electronic form to any other user through the Internet. Sending an email is similar to writing a letter. Email is an electronic from of Internet service and messaging. 

Generally email message has five sections which are as follows - 
  1. Email address ( like above emails example )
  2. Header
  3. Body
  4. Attachment ( like soft copy ) 
  5. Signature 

Advantage and disadvantage of emails

  1. Only the person who downloads the email can respond to  whom it may have been sent.
  2. Email is currently being used in advertisements, business promotion etc. 
  3. Message can be communicated by email at a much faster pace than practical correspondence.
  4. Using email saves paper, email is easier to handle than paper documents. 
  5. The email address is convenient to identify the person on the Internet and register on the shopping websites. 
  1. Many users try to send unnecessary emails to other users via email.
  2. There is also the fear of stealing email passwords.
  3. The email received may also contain a virus which steals the user's information from the user's system.
  4. An user's system may also be shut down due to a virus in the email.
  5. Email user have to maintain the mailbox of their email from time to time.

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