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What is ventilatior

Hello friends, In the age of information, you must have heard about ventilators. And now you also want to know what are these ventilators, types, and what are the main parts of ventilators, etc. So you can read this article to know the answer to your question. We hope all readers will like this article, so let's start with -

How ventilation works
Medical ventilation

What is ventilator

A medical ventilator is a kind of mechanical ventilation machine that allows the lungs to clean air smoothly. The ventilator is used to cure the patient during treatment. 

A medical ventilator proves to be life-saving at the time when a person is not able to breathe naturally.  

Types of ventilation

  1. Volume control ventilation 
  2. Pressurized control ventilation
  3. Synchronise intermediate mandatory ventilation
  4. Airway pressure release ventilation
  5. Control mandatory ventilation, etc.  

Other names of ventilators  

  1. Breathing apparatus 
  2. Breathing machine 
  3. Mechanical ventilation

Power supply to the ventilator unit 

  1. Electric Energy 
  2. Gas Energy 
  3. Pressure Generator

Ventilator Parts

  1. Control Unit 
  2. Pneumatic unit 
  • Compressor
  • Blender 
  • Valve 
  • Turbine 
  1. Sensors 
  2. Humidifier 
  3. Endotracheal tube 

Work using a ventilator

  1. When a person, child, baby, A ventilator to cure the patient if breathing related or any other disease Defense can use. 
  2. Ventilators are also used during surgery when the patient has to breathe temporarily.  
  3. Even after surgery, when the patient can read several times using a ventilator to temporarily breathe. 
  4. Physicians use ventilators to treat patients even in certain special situations, such as - Respiratory tract blockage, Asthma, Chronic bronchitis, Malignant virus outbreaks in the person, Lung damage, Pneumonia or ADRS, Brain injury, Spinal cord on the side of the neck, Person in coma, etc. 

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