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Zoom cloud meetings or Zoom app

Zoom is a cloud based high quality video conferencing and screen sharing platform that can be used for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, mass messaging, and live chat. This app is operated by American Zoom.us web company. In zoom cloud meeting more than 50 plus people can do video conferencing and screen sharing simultaneously. 

High quality video conferencing app
Zoom cloud app

When it is not possible for individuals or employees to work together, such a video conferencing app called zoom helps you to continue your work. The zoom app helps the user to stay connected to each other in an easy way while enjoying high quality video chat. 

This app is available in Google play store called Zoom cloud meeting. There have been reports of zoom having more than 100 Million plus users in the March 2020. From which it can be estimated how effective this app is proving. 

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To use Zoom cloud meeting you have the following requirements. 

  1. A computer for holding and running a zoom meeting.
  2. A microphone, camera and speaker.
  3. You must also have an internet connection. 
  4. HDMI cable for sharing computer screens on a TV display.
  5. It is necessary to have a zoom account to participate in zoom meeting. 

 How to get started with zoom   

  1. You can choose the right plan for yourself from the following. 
  • Basic: Personal meeting 
Price - Free

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