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Video Conferencing Software Zoom Alternatives

video conferencing software

Hello friends, in this article today, we will tell you about Zoom Alternatives. As you know, in the last article we told about the zoom app. Fiends, first of all, We want to clarify why we had to write a video conferencing tool Zoom Alternatives article.

Friends, the last few months due to COVID-19 lockdown, people and business organizations are using video conferencing software to complete their daily tasks, Ad at the time they choose mostly zoom video conferencing software for the meeting. 

But now some shocking facts have come out here that Black Hat Hackers are stealing the personal information ( include login details ) of the users by breaking the security of the zoom meeting app. Yes, you are reading right, and not only that, Black Hat Hackers are selling and blackmailing the personal information of the zoom users on the Dark Web. And maybe your personal information can also be there.

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Friends, now it will be coming in your mind that what can you do now, In such a situation
  1. You can update your zoom meeting app.
  2. You can update your login Password of the zoom app.
  3. You can delete the zoom app from your system.
  4. Or you can use another video conferencing tool instead of a zoom app.

So today our article is about the fourth option above, in which you will know that in addition other video conferencing software to the zoom meeting app. Here we will give you information about the best video conferencing software and you will complete your task in a secure manner. 
So let's get started-

1. Goole Meet

Hre is the most popular video conferencing app that is Google Meet. It's officially offered by Google G Suit Cloud. In Google, Meet users can enjoy HD video calls during video conferencing. It's come with both browsers and mobile applications.  

Features of Google Meet - 
  • Use login with Gmail ID.
  • Avalaible for Gmail app.
  • Screen share and record option.
  • Free for Android and iOS devices.
  • Up to 250 participants conference for business with a 14-days free trial.
Go here for Google Meet

2. Microsoft Skype

If you want to use Skype for video conferencing, you get the option of video chatting with up to 50 people in it. You can use it on any device. But you can use Skype Web Client only Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. So there are some special features of as you follow - 

Features of Microsoft Skype - 

  • Use login without sign ups and download.
  • Screen share and record options.
  • Blurred background.
  • Unlimited time of conferencing.
  • Free for Android and iOS devices.
  • Paid for businesses. 

How to video conferencing in Microsft Skype

  1. Create a unique call link in your Skype app. 
  2. Share this link with the participants.
  3. Now enjoy video conferencing.
Go here for Microsoft Skype

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